Statistical energy analysis

Statistical Energy Analysis is a theory of energy exchanges in vibroacoustical systems. Proposed in the sixties by Lyon, Sharton, Maidanik, Smith, Ungar... SEA is the analogous of thermodynamics for audio frequencies. Introducing the concept of vibrational temperature, SEA is based on the assumption that the exchanged powed between adjacent vibrational systems is proportional to the difference of vibrational temperatures. Although SEA is commonly applied in engineering, it is still in development. Our work aims to clarify the foundations of SEA and especially the assumption of "diffuse field" which can also be enounciated as the theorem of "equipartition of energy". The study of non-diffuse field in SEA is related to the non-equilibrium theory of thermodynamics.

Personnels concernés

Chercheur Position Laboratoire
J. Perret-Liaudet
T. Lafont
Doctorant LTDS/LVA
E. Sadoulet-Reboul Doctorante LTDS

Collaborations extérieures

A. Carcaterra     Sapienza University     Professor Italy

V. Cotoni     CD-Adapco     Scientist    USA

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